The Oregon Horse Center is home to the National Mountain Trail Championships. This event has grown from a small trail show with a cut out cow to a two weekends (seven day) event with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of spectators from all over the United States. While the Oregon Horse Center is home to seven mountain trail events a year, the National Mountain Trail Championship is the epitome of the sport!

The fun actually starts weeks before each event as the Silverado and Logan Arenas undergo a massive transformation. The fresh mountain pine and sagebrush aromas fill the facility. Dozens of workers and nearly fifteen large machines construct the Mountain Trail Adventure. Complete with ditches, ponds, rocks, logs, bridges, waterfalls, streams, trees, mountain trails with rock switchbacks and even a 60 ft mural of the Three Sisters Mountains in the background, the arena takes on a whole new atmosphere. Over 200 tons of rocks and 80 loads of dirt are hauled in to transform the flat arena into a Mountain Trail dream. Each year new obstacles are added, fog in the ditches, flat logs, drop offs in the ponds; if you find it on a mountain trail ride, you will find it here.

The National Mountain Trail Championship has become the premiere, most challenging event showcasing the amazing Mountain Trail Horse and Mule. Equines of all breeds and exhibitors come from all over the United States and Canada to compete for the coveted titles on the OHC courses.

Spring Mountain Trail Clinic Session Availability:

(#of spaces available / total # of riders allowed)

Example: no riders: 21/21; FULL clinic: 0/21-FULL

Friday April 26, 2019

Silverado Session 1 (8am-11am): 21/21

Logan Session 1 (8am-11am): 21/21

Cow Work Session 1 - Advanced (8am-11am): 9/10

Silverado Session 2 (12pm-3pm): 16/21

Logan Session 2 (12pm-3pm): 15/21

Silverado Session 3 (4pm-7pm): 20/21

Logan Session 3 (4pm-7pm): 18/21

Cow Work Session 3 - Beginner: (4pm-7pm): 10/10

Saturday April 27, 2019

Silverado Session 4 (8am-11am): 20/21

Logan Session 4 (8am-11am): 21/21

Cow Work Session 4 - Advanced (8am-11am): 7/10

Silverado Session 5 (12pm-3pm): 14/21

Logan Session 5 (12pm-3pm): 19/21

Leg-Up Session 6 (4pm-7pm): 21/21

Logan Session 6 (4pm-7pm): 20/21

Cow Work Session 6 - Beginner: (4pm-7pm): 7/10

Sunday April 28, 2019


Updated: 3/15/19 @ 3:00pm

2019 Mountain Trail Event Schedule

April 26-28: Spring Mountain Trail Clinic

October 4-6: Fall Mountain Trail Clinic

November 1-3: Winter Fest Mountain Trail Clinic and Show

November 7-10: National Mountain Trail Championships

Colleen Beelart is our Executive Mountain Trail Sponsor. Thank you Colleen for all your help and support throughout the years!

Colleen Beelart is our Executive Mountain Trail Sponsor. Thank you Colleen for all your help and support throughout the years!