Come ride at the Oregon Horse Center

Oregon Horse Center Haul-In Policy

The cost to haul in and ride at the Oregon Horse Center is only $15 per horse. Haul-ins are welcome Monday-Sunday between 9am and 5pm when there are no events scheduled. Haul-ins are not allowed when there is an event scheduled. Haul-ins are not allowed after 5pm.  Please call in advance to verify that the arenas are available (541)-689-9700.

Do not unload your horse until you have checked in with the office, signed a liability release form and paid your fee.

  • Haul-ins must clean up after their horses

  • Haul-ins must not tie horses to arena railings or stalls

  • Do not use any stalls without permission from the office

If you do not adhere to the above rules, you will be asked to leave and forfeit all future haul-in privileges.  



Need an overnight stall?

The Oregon Horse Center has stalls available for overnight use, as long as there is not a scheduled event. Stalls are $28 a night with one bale of shavings. Stalls are required to have shavings in them and can be purchased through the Oregon Horse Center Office.