The Silverado Arena: 116' x 285'

The Silverado Arena is the large show arena which showcases a concourse including offices, the Feed Room Restaurant, rest rooms, vendor spaces and seating for 500 spectators.  With speakers, sound system and open concourse the Silverado Arena is the ideal environment to host any horse show.





The Emerald Arena: 100'x300'


The Emerald Arena is most commonly used as a warm-up arena for the shows at The Oregon Horse Center.  Conveniently located between nearly 300 permanent show stalls, the Emerald Arena is accessible to all competitors and can be outfitted with two round pens for additional warm up space if needed.




The LOGAN Arena: 120'x200'


The Logan Arena is also used as a warm-up arena for many shows but can been used as a second show ring for larger shows needing additional show rings.  The Logan Arena also has a sound system and can be appropriately separated from the other arenas if needed or left open for accessibility. 



The Rodeo Arena: 145'x300' (outdoor)


The Rodeo Arena is most commonly known for holding the Eugene Pro Rodeo.  The arena has bucking chutes, roping chutes, holding pens, catch pens, an announcers stand, a sound system and seating for 6,500 spectators.




The Boarders Arena: 120'x100'


The Boarders arena is specifically for the Oregon Horse Center boarders.  This allows the boarders to always have a place to ride even during shows when the other arenas are being rented.





The Prairie Arena: 110'x220'

The Prairie Arena is our newest arena and is located next door to the main facility. Prairie provides the perfect opportunity for smaller shows and events. The Oregon Horse Center Prairie Arena is home to the OHC Barrel Racing Series and the BAM Series!

The Prairie Arena: 110'x220'