Pacific Wild Horse Club Great Burro Turnaround

The Competition will allow 10 trainers of all ages and 10 Wild BLM Burros to spend 100 days learning all that they can and they will be challenged in a 3 day competition during the Journey to Freedom event. This is our second annual event and if last year was a hint, this year will be awesome! We will have 10 burros there available for adoption, and each bid will start at $125 and go from there, depending on how many bidders are interested in that burro.  The competitive bid adoption will start as soon as the competition is over and the winners have been announced. Each interested bidder will need to fill out an application at the BLM table and be approved to adopt to get a bidder number for the auction. The BLM takes cash or check. Recently they have been able to take debit/credit cards, but they do charge an additional fee for that. If a winning bidder is unable to transport their burro(s) home that day, we will make arrangements to either deliver the Burro, or arrange for pick up from each individual Burro’s trainer the following Monday or Tuesday. This event is going to be a weekend full of fun, including watching the burros compete in showmanship, in-hand trail, and freestyle.  There will be a silent auction going on with a lot of neat items available throughout the day, vendors, and a BBQ truck there selling awesome food. Please come join in on the fun at the 2015 Great Burro Turnaround!